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About us

About us



ESA microwave solutions GmbH has specialized on Microwave Technique for Earth Sation Antennas (ESA) and provides all Services and Products  needed during Consulting, Planning and Implementation of new Antennas as well as for the Retrofit and Upgrade of existing Antennas for:

  • Satellite Communication
  • Earth Observation
  • Deep Space Missions
  • Radio – Astronomy

With the experts of the company, having gained decades of experiences in this filed, ESA microwave sevice GmbH is most successful on the market and has achieved a good reputation from important customers.

Microwave Technology is one of the key technologies for wireless communication applying HIGHLY DIRECTIVE ANTENNAS.

It is one of the essential factors for the quality and capacity of every type of communication. The various forms of microwave technology (feed systems, feed networks, auto tracking, low noise amplifiers and transmitters) in Earth Station Antennas are particular complex, sophisticated and extensive when used in the professional environment.

ESA microwave solutions GmbH offers earth station solutions and services to different customers in the following fields:

  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Governments
  • Scientific Institutions
  • Antenna Manufacturers
  • System Integrators

Facts & Figures

  • Founded 2001
  • Independent and private owned company
  • Located in Allmersbach im Tal close to Backnang, Germany
  • About 10 people
  • Own R&D department and test lab
  • 2016 rejuvenation programm

The core team which have gained decades of experiences in the RF design, development and manufacturing of Antennas and Feed Systems during their stay in  leading positions at the company ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, later Bosch Telecom, than Marconi Communications GmbH and now Ericsson) Furthermore we maintain a human network of additional experts, that can be made available if required and at any time.


Reliability and affordable quality are the top priority of our acting