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ESA microwave solutions GmbH has specialized on Microwave Technique for RF- Antennas in the frequency bands from 2 GHz to 40 GHz for commercially used Earth Station Antennas (ESA).



  • OMT's
  • Diplexers
  • Waveguides
  • Radar Fielters
  • Polarizer’s

Further more supply and/or modification

of complete Feed Systems for new or existing Antennas (upgrade/refurbishment)

  • Design and manufacturing of complete 2- and 4 Port Feed Systems (including Multi- Band) in all relevant frequency bands (L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-, and Ka - Band) and any Polarization (CP,LP)
  • Integration and Verification for replacement of existing (old) Feed Systems irrespective of the original manufacturer
  • Change of Polarization (linear to circular or vice versa) or Switchable Polarization
  • Extension to Multiband Operation
  • Modification of Transmission Bandwidth
  • Change of Frequency BandsList item
  • Upgrade from Step Tracking to Monopuls Tracking
  • Any Repairs on existing Feed Systems
  • All adaptations/modifications of RF equipment deemed to be necessary resulting from changes of Feed System
  • Insertion of Microwave Components for specially tests, measure and surveillance tasks of the Antenna (IOT or reference station)
  • HPA combiner Network
  • Waveguide transmission lines across the axes Az, El and Pol.
  • Couplers for monitoring and control


  • Consulting, planning and design of the complete antenna subsystem (RF System Engineering)
  • Supply of complete feed systems for new antennas or upgrade of feed systems for antennas
  • Design and development of tailored microwave components and subsystems
  • Refurbishment, repair and maintenance of feed systems